CGRPs: The Newest Trend in Preventing Migraines

Written by Nevada Advanced Pain Specialists staff


Did you know that chronic migraines are one of the leading causes of disability in America? Migraine sufferers know that once a migraine hits, it becomes unbearable. During a migraine attack, they can have sensitivities to light, sound, and even smell which can be torture. Unfortunately, a lot of migraineurs have found few options that can prevent the onset of a migraine and they simply have to wait it out. Thankfully a new treatment option to help prevent migraines has become available. This new treatment option is a class of medications that are known as CGRP blockers.

Calcitonin gene-related peptides, or CGRPs, are peptides that are naturally present in many organs throughout the human body. They are also found in the brain, and can cause serious pain during a migraine attack. These chemicals cause blood vessels to swell and expand which leads to inflammation causing migraine pain. This new class of medication blocks the CGRP from being able to do this.

These medications are injectables that are administered with a single use auto-injector, usually once a month or once every three months. They prevent migraines by blocking the peptide itself or the peptide receptor.

CGRP blocking medications are the newest preventive treatment option for migraine sufferers. The data on efficiency varies from person to person but looks promising for most. According to the American Migraine Foundation, CGRP medications have decreased the frequency of migraines in most patients by at least 50% and about 1 in 6 patients went 3 months or longer without having a migraine.

Discuss your migraine treatment options with your provider to see if one of the new CGRP medications could be right for you. Our office has samples of all the new CGRP medications. If this medication is right for you, you’ll be instructed by your provider on when you should begin treatment and how often you should repeat it. Your provider can help you administer your first treatment in the office or you can take it home to administer your first treatment since the auto-injectors are simple and easy to use. Most auto-injectors are made for monthly use, although some may only need to be used once every 3 months. The most common injection sites are the stomach, thighs, and upper arms. Discuss all of these details with your provider if this treatment option is right for you.


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