High Frequency Spinal Cord Stimulator

High Frequency Spinal Cord Stimulator treatment is a great advancement in neuromodulation technology. It is similar to a traditional Spinal Cord Simulator (SCS), however it does not cause any tingling or buzzing in the painful area. High Frequency therapy doesn’t give patients an unexpected shock when bending or twisting. This technology can also be left on while driving, unlike other SCS systems.

Like traditional spinal cord stimulation, a trial is performed prior to permanant implantation to determine the effectiveness of the therapy. It can be used in conjunction with current medications and can be removed by the physician, if necessary.

A higher percentage of patients have benefited from this technology than from traditional spinal cord stimulation. A higher percentage of pain relief and buzz- free stimulation have made this technology superior over the conventional stimulation.

For more information about this treatment, ask your provider.

Nevada Advanced Pain Specialists is recognized as an industry leader in pain management. We have a state-of-the-art facility in Reno, Nevada, that allows for us to offer the highest possible level of quality care of our patients.

We are committed to providing a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach for each individual’s pain complaints to provide the most appropriate care. Our approach includes analysis of biomechanics, joint motion, as well as skeletal, nerve and muscle tissues. Every individual is evaluated for the root cause of their pain – not just a “quick fix” approach to only provide symptomatic relief.

Your pain will be evaluated with latest diagnostic tools and technologies used by the professionals at Nevada Advanced Pain Specialists to make accurate assessments including: EMG/Nerve testing, MRIs, x-rays, bone scans, and diagnostic pain injections.


Over 90% of our facet joint injection patients report improvement in their condition. Over 75% said their condition improved by more than 50%

Over 83% of our epidural patients report improvement in their condition. Over 75% said their condition improved by more than 50%

Overall, 83% of our patients report a better quality of life, 60% report less pain, and 62% report improvement in their function

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